Mr-Tee offers t-shirts in 100's of design, style, colour, and size combinations. A the moment, we have 4 ranges of T-shirts in Men's (Crew Neck, V-Neck, Skinni Fit, and Ringer) and 4 ranges in Women's (Crew Neck, V-Neck, Skinni Fit, and String). Each range has it's own selection of colours, and the sizes available in each range can be different e.g. a large Crew Neck shirt may be slightly different in size to a large V-Neck. We strongly recommend that you satisfy yourself that the size you've chosen is correct - in order to assist with this, we've included size charts on our website for you to view. All shirt widths are measured from under the arms (chest) while laid flat. All lengths are measured from bottom of shirt to the highest point of the shoulder. If you're unsure what size to buy, try measuring a similar shirt that you already own, that fits well, and compare those measurements to the size charts. If you are still in doubt about what size is the best for you, we recommend that you go for a slightly larger size, as all shirts will shrink a little in the first few washes. Click here to view our size charts.


Due to the large number of combinations of designs and colours, each design we offer will be available in a selection of T-shirt colours, and this selection of T-shirt colours will vary depending on the design chosen. The reason for this, is that some of the colours used in the design may not be suitable on some of the colours available in that shirt range. For example, a T-shirt design that is printed in white, will not be very visible on a white T-shirt, therefore we will not offer it as an available option. Similarly, some T-shirt designs will only work on certain colours, so only those T-shirt colours will be available to you when you've chosen your design. A good example of this is one of Mr-Tee's favourites, our Spiderman T-shirt, which is only available in black, as black is intrinsic to the design. It's a bit complicated, but we've given it a lot of thought, and we want our T-shirts to always be produced to their highest possible standards.


All our shirts are made of 100% cotton. They may shrink about half a size when washed except for the Ringers. Our Ringer shirts seem to shrink about one full size when washed.

You should wash your shirt in cool water, with non-bleach detergent, with similar colors and dry on low heat (or preferably air dry) to minimize shrinkage. Your shirt should be ironed with a cool iron, inside out, and try to avoid the printed area if possible.

We have more styles, colors and sizes than any other t-shirt site on in Ireland! Find a shirt you like and customize it to fit your personal fashion preferences.