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Welcome to our FAQ page. See below for queries and answers.


How will my T-shirts be delivered?

We use standard postal service for all our deliveries. For this reason it is important that someone be available to accept the package during your normal postal delivery hours.

Can I buy Mr-Tee shirts anywhere else?

No, for the moment at least, Mr-Tee T-shirts are only available on

How will my Mr-Tee purchases be packaged?  

All of our T-shirts arrive to you packed in an attractive gift box, and protected with a padded envelope for extra security. The outer wrapper will be unbranded, except for a small sticker bearing our return address.

Can I return a purchase if I am unhappy with it? 

Yes, of course.You can return a product to us for any reason at all within 7 days of purchase, and request a refund or an exchange. Please see our returns section for details on how to do this.

Do Mr-Tee T-shirts shrink after washing?

Like all cotton T-shirts, our products will shrink slightly after the first few washes. The amount of shrinkage varies from range to range, but it is safe enough to say they may all shrink approximately half a size. We recommend you consult our detailed sizing charts for the best fit for you, and if you're in any doubt about the size you require, we suggest you buy the larger size to accommodate the inevitable slight shrinkage.

Do Mr-Tee T-shirts fade?

The colour in the T-shirt itself may fade a little in time, but our prints do not. In fact, some of our earlier creations are several years old now, and while the shirts may look well worn, the prints still look great.

Can I purchase Mr-Tee Gift Vouchers?

Yes you can. Gift Vouchers can be purchased for any amount you desire, and can either be emailed to the recipient, or sent by regular post.

I'm in a rush to get my T-shirts, can I pick them up at your shop?

No, at this time we do not have a premises from where you can collect. Part of the reason we can offer such excellent prices for our products is that we are strictly an on-line business. However, if you need to get your order sooner than our standard delivery times, please mention this in the 'Comments' section of your order, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request.

Why are some designs only available on a limited selection of T-shirts?

Due to the wide variety of colours we use in our designs, some print colours do not suit certain T-shirt colours. We always want our products to look their best, so in some cases we have limited the range of colours available for that design.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Random things really, things people say and do, things we see on TV, current events, celebrity stories - and sometimes when Mr-Tee has been drinkin', that's when the rude ones are born.


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